Cassie’s Allergy Update and a Thanks to My Holisitc Vet

My dog's allergy and skin condition improved with Dr. Barrett's alternative medical approach.

Guest Author

Dr. Barrett recommended a natural diet and prescribed nutritional supplements, which quickly improved my dog’s poor skin condition.

Today’s Guest Post is by Kim Bragg, proud owner of Cassie a Golden Lab.

Cassie's skin condition - before and after.

Cassie’s skin condition – before and after.

So glad to pick my dog up today. Thought I would share a couple of photos since many of you know the plight of Cassie’s itchy condition.

In May she had experienced quite a bit of hair loss on her nose and ears due to poor circulation, a side effect of her previous medication.

Thanks to the dedication and knowledge of her vet, Dr. Masuma Barrett much of her hair on her nose has returned, a sign her circulation has improved!


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