NorahMany of you have seen Norah in our boarding area here at Kodiak. She was surrendered to us in August of 2014. Norah was doing poorly and her owners could no longer care for her. Norah resided at Dr. Barrett’s house, then at Kodiak for the following 2 years. It is safe to say that she quickly became part of our Kodiak family.

NorahIn the beginning Norah was fairly reclusive and tentative with human interaction. Over time she found a best friend in our Amy. She would be in “heaven” when carried in her arms. As Norah slowly gained confidence, she started craving human companionship and demanding attention whenever anyone would walk past her room. She was doing well but wanted more human interaction.

She turned 18 in the summer of 2016, and was more animated and interactive than ever before. She enjoyed her regular patrols around the hospital and complained loudly when she had to be “put away” because there were other animals around (patients).

NorahTowards the end of summer 2016, our longtime clients lost their 18 year old kitty. They were very familiar with Norah from having seen her progress over the previous 2 years. They made sure to visit Norah whenever they were at Kodiak. Shortly after their beloved cat passed away, they generously opened their loving home to Norah.

NorahNorah has been there ever since, relishing her new home and is thriving with all the extra attention and beds to explore. She is allowed to roam, explore and loves to lay in the sunlight. Her foster family has tirelessly treated her age related ailments, and although Norah is not always the happiest when it’s time for her medications, she sure loves her caregivers for the kind and generous love and care she gets. We couldn’t be happier for our little girl.