Zoe, Jane and My Experience with Dr. Masuma Barrett

I highly recommend Dr. Masuma Barrett for the health and care of your pets. ~Mark Dana

Guest Author

Dr. Barrett would make calls, do home visits, try alternative methods to bring this dog back from failing health.

Today’s Guest Post is by Mark Dana, a caring owner of several greyhounds and client of Dr. Barrett.

Mark, Roku and Dr. Barrett

Mark, Roku and Dr. Barrett

I met (heard of) Dr. Barrett through a friend who was volunteering with me through a greyhound adoption group. She (my friend) adopted a greyhound that (at the time) was thought to have a few minor health issues. She soon found out the poor greyhound was very sick. My friend would call on a weekly basis to up-date me on what was going on that week with her dog. What struck me so was how hard Dr. Barrett was working / caring for this greyhound to bring the dog to a healthy rebirth. Dr. Barrett would make calls, do home visits, try alternative methods to bring this dog back from failing health.

After listening to my friend for couple of months on how hard Dr. Barrett worked to keep her dog healthy and happy I decided that I needed to meet this Dr. Barrett. Well it turned out to be a very good and positive relationship.

Soon after meeting Dr. Barrett, one of my greyhounds, Zoe was diagnosed with heart worm. Dr. Barrett happened to be my second opinion Dr. and she was so in tune to educate me and worked with me, and the concern for the care of my Zoe, sold me hands down. Dr. Barrett would call on her way home after a long day to see how Zoe was doing and suggest or offer steps that I should take next.

Not too long after Zoe recovered from heart worm she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Again Dr. Barrett jumped into action making calls, planning our steps, explaining, explaining, & explaining (making sure I understood what everything meant) all the actions that could be taken, and how they would affect Zoe.

I felt that I was the only person who had a sick dog and she was putting all her energy into just my dog. I know I was not and observed her care for all her 4 legged and 2 winged patients during the many hours spent at the office.

Once Zoe was in remission more bad news came, Jane my other greyhound also was found to have bone cancer. Again Dr. Barrett put so much energy into the care of Jane and still looked over Zoe. Dr. Barrett would call me up, Mark I think we need to change the girls’ diet to this, Mark come on by I have some sample herbs that will help the girls, Mark how are the girls doing, (again 9-10 pm at night as she’s driving home from a long day)… Dr. Barrett was their every step of the way until it was time to let each of my girls go. If I needed to come in to see her at a moment’s notice, she made (found) time for the girls.

I’ve been around many Vets, due to volunteering with greyhound rescue for 10 years, as well for all my rescued dogs I’ve owned since the 60’s, and never have I come across a Dr. who put so much care into the health of my dogs.

A funny story, I was talking with a friend of mine, the conversation veered to a new vet she was seeing and how she really likes her etc. Of course I said my vet is the best and I think you should start going to her (we are both big into Holistic healing etc., so I knew she’d like Dr. Barrett.) Oh really what is her name??? Dr. Masuma Barrett, Hey!!! That’s the vet I was talking about, she really is the best! So my boasting of Dr. Barrett is not a solo boast.

So what can I say other than, I highly recommend Dr. Masuma Barrett for the health and care of your pet(s). Dr. Barrett will talk to you not at you or above you. She will care for your pet(s) as if they were hers. She will do what she can for those times when it’s not just a common visit and for those bi-yearly or yearly visits, she will be there for you and your pets too. I’m not the easiest person to deal with and can be a bit stubborn and leery but she soon became a trusted and respected person in my eyes. She is a great person with a big heart and great Karma…..

Mark Dana
Salem, NH


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